Bob Secord Award of Excellence - 2016 Recipients


Peter Hensel (District 33A)

District 33A involvement since 2000 includes President 33Aa 2005 -2012; Provincial Council Board member 2008 -2010;
President of OSGA 2011-2013; Past President OSGA 2013-2017 and was on Rules Committee.

Peter has help organize a large variety of District and Regional events over the past 15 years. District level: Bowling, Golf, Cribbage, Prediction Walking and a variety of card games. He was a key organizer in the 2009 and 2011 Regional Games hosted by 33A.

Kathy Hartwell (District 17) 

District 17 involvement and active OSGA Member since 1988.  District 17 Walking Convener 1995-2006 and District 17 Coordinator 2006-2015.

Kathy (and her late husband Doug - Convener of Alpine Skiing & District Treasurer) helped guide the very difficult transition for District 17 from being a City of Etobicoke organization with a full time, professional City staff Member and have City financial support to an "assisted" Volunteer Organization of the amalgamated City of Toronto.This transition was complex - many previous volunteers melted away and Kathy had to help build a new team for District 17.

Stanley Fraser (District 8)

District 8 involvement as member-at-large, Vice President, President 4yrs, Past-President 4 yrs. and back to member-at-large for a 12 year total commitment

Even though he is retiring from the Board, he has advised will still stay active and convene games each year as well as participant in the games

- has always been a voice of reason around the Board table with comments he has put a lot of thought into.  Can rely on Stanley as an effective volunteer and Ambassador of OSGA District 8.

2016 Recipients
Marion Timmins (District 7A)
Ronnie Brown (District 5)
Cliff Giles (District 29)

2015 Recipients

Freida Calcutt (District 29)
John Heyden (District 6)

2014 Recipients
Paulette Kupnicki (District 32)
Al Hunter (District 15)

2013 Recipients
Barry Fay (District 30)
Monique Dawkes (District 8)


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