What the 55+ are doing!!

District Games

​In the OSGA 55+ local Districts, games are organized yearly for anyone in the area who is 55+ and interested in being active and enjoying some friendly competition. Often new events are tried.

Winners from these District Games qualify for the next level of games.​​

Regional Games

​Regional Games are held in 4 regions in odd years.They are usually one day and involve 5-8 local districts. Each district is often able to send 2-3 entries, making these games more accessible.​​


The OSGA 55+ would like to thank you for attending the 2017 Annual General Meeting/Conference held in Mississauga on October 17, 2017. 

Previous AGM/Conference Meeting Hosts (Draft Minutes)

2017 - District 20 - Mississauga (Draft Minutes - Click Here)
2016 - District 16 - Scarborough/East York/Toronto (Draft Minutes - Click Here)
2015 - District 6 - Ottawa Region (Minutes - Click Here)
2014 - District 21 - Halton (Minutes - Click Here)
2013 - District 32 - Windsor-Essex 

In addition to District, Regional and Ontario 55+ Games, the OSGA strives to provide additional opportunities for the 55+ demographic to active and social.  Often in partnership with Districts or other organizations, the OSGA will hold Open/Invitational events in certain sports.  These events may include sports that are not held at other levels or may include different divisions.   

​Some examples are:

Squash, Pickleball (Competitive & Recreational), Women's Hockey, Swimming, ​Scrabble​​ ​and more to come...   


2017 OSGA 55+ Open Badminton & Table Tennis Tournament
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2018 OSGA 55+ Swim Invitational hosted by District 10 - Hastings/Lennox/Addington/Prince Edward/Frontenac
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2018 OSGA 55+ Women's Hockey Tournament hosted by District 26 - Waterloo/Wellington
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2017 OSGA 55+ Open Pickleball Tournament - Final Results


The Games Ontario Programis operated under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, as part of its efforts to support amateur sport, physical activity and community development in the province.

The Ontario 55+ Summer and Winter Games are two of the programs funded under the Games Program.

Ontario 55+ Summer and Winter Games are the Provincial Championships. Held every 2 years, they are open to the Gold winners from local District Games.​​

​If you are interested in hosting either Ontario 55+ Summer or Winter Games in your community, please check out the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport website.

Ontario 55+


August 10-12, 2018

For more details email: OSG55info@mississauga.ca



The OSGA 55+ are proud to send  representative to the Canada 55+ Games every 2 years.
These are either winners from Ontario 55+ Games , Regional or District participants who are interested in competing in friendly competition with other provinces and territories.

​They have been held in such places as Yukon, Alberta, Nova Scotia and are being hosted in Ontario by Brampton in 2016.​​

Canada 55+

Saint John, New Brunswick - August 20-24, 2018
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2016 Canada 55+ Games - Brampton, ON  


​Full results can be found on the 2016 Canada 55+ Games website. (Click )

Please click here for a list of Ontario Medalists.



CSGA-OSGA 55+ Games Committee
Contact Email : canada55plus@osga55plus.ca