Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the purpose of the OSGA 55+ Games?

The OSGA 55+ Games are geared towards adults over the age of 55. These games have been designed to attract amateur participants. The OSGA’s goal is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Regardless of your age, gender or ability, there is sure to be an event for anyone who is 55+ and residing in Ontario.

Who are eligible for the games?

Any resident in Ontario who is 55 or older is eligible to become a member participant of the OSGA 55+ Games. The OSGA is geared towards all levels of experience and promotes participants to try new events or get back involved in their favourite activities. There are specific restrictions in some events for elite participants. Please visit the OSGA website for any of these specific eligibility restrictions.

What opportunities are available in being an OSGA 55+ Games Participant?

There are over 28 different events offered through the OSGA 55+ Games including card
games, racquet sports or team sports. The following are some of opportunities for participants:

  • District Games throughout the 36 Member Districts
    • Happen on an annual basis in the OSGA 36 Member District
  • OSGA 55+ Regional Games
    • Summer in 4 of 5 OSGA 55+ Regions:
      • Southwestern Ontario
      • Eastern Ontario
      • South Central Region
      • Central Ontario
    • Qualify through the OSGA 55+ District Summer Games
    • Happen every 2 years (odd years)
  • Ontario 55+ Summer Games
    • Qualify from the OSGA 55+ District Summer Games
    • 1400 participants expected from 36 Districts
    • Happens every 2 years (even years)
  • Ontario 55+ Winter Games
    • Qualify through the OSGA 55+ District Winter Games
    • 1000 participants expected from 36 Districts
    • Happens every 2 years (odd years)
  • Canada 55+ Games
    • Qualify through the Ontario 55+ Summer Games & the Ontario 55+ Winter Games
    • Happen every 2 years (even years)
  • OSGA Open/Invitationals ( i.e. Hockey, Pickleball etc.)

How do I get involved?

As a participant:

From our 36 Member Districts throughout Ontario we can determine your local District and get you in contact with the committee to become a participant. You will be required to pay an annual fee and any additional fees per competition. These fees gain you access to the stream of competition from District games - Regional Games - Ontario Games - Canada Games if you qualify.

As a Volunteer:

Our Districts are comprised of volunteer committees who are always seeking more support at events or you can inquire locally about opportunities within the committee.

For more District contact information please visit the “Districts” tab on the homepage or email or call 905-232-8581.


Where does the OSGA 55+ receive funding from?

Currently the OSGA 55+ receives the vast majority of its funding from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, & Sport. We have a strong relationship with the Ministry to create a seamless pathway to provide sport and competition to all corners of Ontario.

During 2019 the OSGA is actively engaged in partnerships with Golf Fore All & Collette.

We are always looking for partnerships whether they be for specific events, or on a larger scale throughout the organization. Contact the office with any inquiries