Bob Secord Award

The Bob Secord Award of Excellence is granted to one female and one male participant annually whom exemplifies the ideals of the OSGA. Individuals that give their time to health, wellness and sports initiatives through the Senior Games deserve to be recognized for their efforts and contributions. Nominations are open annually and the list of candidates are reviewed by the committee to select the years’ winners. This award is typically distributed at the Annual General Meeting and Conference, typically held in September. If you know an OSGA member that you would like to put forward please download the nomination form and submit your applicants today! Please contact the office if you have any questions.

Previous Award Holders

Mary Johnson (District 11 – Muskoka/Haliburton)

This individual has been involved with the OSGA for about 10 years at the District level.  She has held a number of positions and strives for continuous improvement within her District every year.  Her dedication to the committee and to the OSGA does not go unnoticed.  A calm and committed person that makes District 11 – Muskoka/Haliburton better every year.  On behalf of the OSGA, we would like to recognize Mary Johnson as the female recipient of the 2018 Bob Secord Award.

Aubrey Smith (District 22 – Hamilton/Wentworth)

This individual has been involved with the OSGA for 12+ years at the District level.  He has held a number positions and has been the go to person to ensure tasks get done no matter the situation.  A soft spoken person who loves to swim he takes pride in helping organize events for the participants of District 22 – Hamilton/Wentworth.  On behalf of the OSGA, we would like to recognize Aubrey Smith as the male recipient of the 2018 Bob Secord Award.

2017 Recipients

Peter Hensel District 33A
Kathy Hartwell District 17
Stanley Fraser District 8

2016 Recipients

Marion Timmins District 7A
Ronnie Brown District 5
Cliff Giles District 29

2015 Recipients

Freida Calcutt District 29
John Heyden District 6

2014 Recipients

Paulette Kupnicki District 32
Al Hunter District 15

2013 Recipients

Barry Fay District 30
Monique Dawkes District 8

History of Bob Secord Award

“Mr. Sport and Recreation” Robert E. (Bob) Secord began his career in sports administration immediately following his graduation from the University of Toronto in 1948. He was involved in municipal recreation in Brantford and Mimico. In 1951, he was hired by the Province of Ontario and for 10 years was responsible for development of sport and recreation programs in several western Ontario communities.

In 1961, he was promoted to a supervisory position with the Ministry. Through numerous shifts of the Sport and Recreation portfolio, Mr. Secord was continuously involved in directing aid for the development of both mass participation and high performance athletes.

Under his auspices the Sports Federation of Ontario was formed along with the Ontario Sports Centre and the present programs of support for provincial sport governing bodies were developed. He was one of those who started the present National Coaching Certification Program. In 1970, he initiated the Ontario Games (summer and winter) for able bodied athletes. He helped to establish the Ontario Games for the Physically Disabled in 1975 and the Ontario Senior Games in 1985. He was also involved in the development of the Special Olympics Program for the mentally challenged. In addition, he started the Ontario Sports Recognition Awards Program. He was instrumental in the success and growth of the Canada Games since their inauguration in 1967. Mr. Secord was Founding Chairman of the Interprovincial Sport and Recreational Council and was on the Board of the Canadian Olympic Association.

In October 1975, Bob was loaned to the Canadian Olympic Association for a year to develop and direct its support program for Canada’s athletes participating in the 1976 Olympic Games.

Mr. Secord was appointed Assistant Deputy Minister for Sport and Recreation in 1980, a position from which he retired in 1989 after 38 years service.

Throughout these years, Bob played an active part in several sport and recreation organizations related to his responsibilities. For his many contributions he was made an Honourary Life Member of Sport Ontario, the Society of Directors of Municipal Recreation in Ontario, the Ontario Municipal Recreation Society, the Ontario Recreation Society, and the Parks and Recreation Federation of Ontario. In 1988, the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association granted him a Citation of Outstanding Achievement. He was elected as an Honourary Member of the Canadian Olympic Association and was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in 1993.

Mr. Secord’s life long contribution to the development and advancement of people through participation in sport and athletic endeavours is well-known to Canada’s athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, organizers, volunteers and the media.

In recognition of Bob’s achievements, his family decided to initiate the Bob Secord Award of Excellence to be presented at the Ontario Summer and Winter Games, the Ontario Games for the Physically Disabled and the Ontario Senior Games. It is hoped that with this award, Bob’s ideals and invaluable contributions will endure.

The original award was designed and carved by Frank Potocnik of Thunder Bay. Born in Yugoslavia, Frank Potocnik has been instrumental in developing an awareness of all crafts throughout Northwestern Ontario. His wood carvings have been selected for Ontario crafts exhibitions and for exhibitions throughout North America. In 1981, he was commissioned by the Ontario Government to create a series of carvings for presentation to visiting dignitaries during the 1981 Canada Games hosted by the City of Thunder Bay. In addition, Mr. Potocnik is represented in numerous private and corporate collections in Germany, United States and Canada.

This is a list of past recipients of Bob Secord Award of Excellence.

John Heyden (District 6)

Freida Calcutt (District 29)


Paulette Kupnicki (District 32)

Al Hunter (District 15)


Barry Fay (District 30)

Monique Dawkes ( District 8)


Ken SImard (District 1)

Sandie Clode (District 30)


Doug McIntosh (District 11)

Ada Steeper (District 29)


Fred Rous (District 21)

Carol Husband (CSGA/OSGA Rep)


Mary Hanniman (District 8)

Ray Barr (District 7A)


Doris Henhawk (District 25)

Jerry Shea (District 22)


Jean Neilson (District 9)

Bill Tschirhart (District 26)


Helen Trainor (District 15)

Allan Ridley (District 20)


Ben Taylor (District 25)

Helen Stewart (District 12)


Shirley Glauser

Norm Steeper (District 29)


Faye White

Floyd Cascadden


Pearl Faubert (District 25)

William Salter (District 30)


Iris Oke (District 3)

Jack Heney (District 29)


Joyce Lees (District 12)

Reuben Crawley (District 23)


Elizabeth Cumming (District 31)

Ken Thompson (District 3)


Herman Young (District 27)

Doris Taylor (District 25)


Margaret Koropatnicki (District 23)

Ron Puttock (District 16)
Blair McIntosh (MCzCR)


Evelyn Rayner (District 19)


Lorne Williams (District 10)


Clark Ready (deceased)