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Tue August 25th
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District 8 - Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry/Prescott/Rus...

Region: Eastern

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Linda Vickers
T: (613) 525-1943

Bruce Kirton
T: (613) 525-2543


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On January 6th CBC Radio, Ontario Morning, had an interview with Alex Herrington “to talk about the Cornwall Classics 60-plus hockey team, and their journey to the national championships this summer.” The Cornwall Classics represented District 8 in the OSGA 55+ 2019 Provincial Winters Games. Alex said the road to the Canada Games in Kamloops in August 2020 was their gold medal win (representing District 8) in the OSGA Provincial games in Huntsville, March 2019.

Listen to the interview here!

District 8 at the 2019 Summer Regional Games!

D8 at ERG 2019

District 8 is a non - profit organization affiliated to the Provincial OSGA. We are administered by volunteer Seniors to organize activities and competitions for adults 55 and over. We cover the whole Eastern region of Ontario, from the Quebec border, between the Ottawa River and the St-Lawrence River. It includes the regions of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, Prescott Russell and Akwesasne..

Our objectives are to involve as many 55+ adults as possible into physical and mental activities.

Provide older adults (55+) the opportunities to:
-   Increase their social interaction with others
-   Maintain and enhance their psychological and physiological well-being through participation in recreational activities and sports, which promote active living among older adults

Nous invitons tous les ainés du District #8 à se joindre à nous, pour des activités physiques et mentales.
Nous représentons toute la région Est de l'Ontario, entre le fleuve St- Laurent et la rivière Outaouais, partant de la frontière Québéquoise et allant jusqu'à la limite ouest des secteurs S.D.& G., ainsi que la région
de Prescott & Russell et Akwesasne.

Nous sommes un groupe de dirigeants ainés et bénévoles, associé à l'organisme provincial O.S.G.A. Nous avons pour but de promouvoir et d'augmenter la participation, parmi les adultes de 55 ans et plus , à des activités sportives et récréatives, qui permettront de favoriser une vie active et des rencontres sociales .