2020 Canada Games - Kamloops, BC

Update - January 22, 2020

ACCREDITATION/REGISTRATION in Kamloops begins Mon. Aug. 24th and continues Tues. Aug. 25th at McArthur Island Sports and Event Centre.

COMPETITION DAYS - Tues. Aug. 25th to Fri. Aug. 28th with Tues. 25th being practice time for team sports (curling, hockey, slo-pitch, soccer) as well as for large # events like pickleball and golf. Friday Aug. 28th finishes team events plus is a rain date for outdoor sports. 

Once registration is complete, SCHEDULES will be posted on the Host's website at kamloops55games.com

OPENING CEREMONY August 25th evening after day's practices/competitions are complete. Likewise, CLOSING CEREMONY evening of August 28th once the day's competitions are finished. Both OPENING and CLOSING will be at the Fieldhouse of the Tournament Capital Centre 910 McGill.

The MASTER PLAN as presented in August 2019 tied accommodation lists to sports/events and close to venues. This then was tied to the TRANSPORTATION PLAN with no front door of the hotel as pick-up point, BUT rather people are to walk (a short distance) to their bus hub/pod to then catch their bus to their sport/event venue. SO AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE PLEASE choose your accommodations as presented on the Host's website kamloops55games.com and yes CHALLENGES....husbands and wives/partners....different sports/events and what to do.....do some research and if ONE has multiple accommodation choices and the OTHER has just one, select the hotel closest to both persons' options OR  rent a car and that solves everything and makes you independent.

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS....some are flying in to different cities - Vancouver, Calgary, Kelowna and renting a car. Some are getting together in small groups and renting a house through Airbnb or vrbo and again planning to rent a car.

PLEASE carefully complete the Registration Forms especially the accommodations and transportation sections. REMEMBER BOTH participants and non-participants must sign the Canada Games Waiver AND the participants must also sign and mail to me the OSGA Waiver. Both the Registration Form and the OSGA waiver are attached in case you need it.

The GOAL is still to have MOST registrations to me by the end of February BUT I know that there will be exceptions and that will be okay. The Host wants me to have 95% of the Registration packages to them by the end of April.

 It is a lot of information BUT it is the latest that I have. Want to keep you all in the loop....the Kamloops......bit of humour.....GROAN!!

HOPE you are all getting as excited as I am for these 2020 Canada Games!!

Sheran Barker

Team Ontario Director

for the Canada Games

Update - December 2, 2019

Merit Travel has finalized the deals with Air Canada and West Jet and the details of these will be in your registration form with details on how to contact Merit for bookings and how to request the special rates. Basically, there will be discount ranging from 5% to 15% off plus free seat selection and a checked bag. Again details will be in the Registration Form available in December/January.

Kamloops has selected a graphic designer who is busy working on medals and pins. 

Hotel listings will be sent to all directors (me for us) with the Registration Form, showing the booking codes. The hotels will not be listed on the Games website is the latest plan.

Summer is busy in Kamloops, so booking air flights and hotels as soon as possible will be important.

Accreditation/Kamloops check-in will begin on Monday, August 24th and some sports/events will have practice time available on the 24th. The last day, Friday, August 28th will see the completion of all competitions in the afternoon and the Closing Ceremonies will be the evening of the 28th. The hope is that most people will stay on the 28th, take in the closing, and depart the next day, Saturday, August 29th.

Hotels are offering Games rates August 24th to August 29th. Also there will be bus transportation August 24th to 29th between airport and hotels, hotels and event venues, and for departure from hotels to airport.

Hope this helps. There will be more information as it becomes available!

Really looking forward to these Canada Games in Kamloops, BC where they advertise themselves to be the TOURNAMENT CAPITAL OF CANADA.


Sheran Barker

Team Ontario Director

For the Canada Games

Update - November 24, 2019

First, please take a moment to visit the Canada Games website at canada55plus.ca and click on rules. Review these please as what happens in the OSGA may be slightly different than what happens at the Canada Games. We will be going by the Canada Games rules in Kamloops.

Please take some time to regularly visit the Kamloops Canada Games website at kamloops55games.com as it will have important information added for you re: schedules, accommodations, events, merchandise and these will be posted there as they become available.

Our Ontario team shirts will be red as that is our assigned colour. The shirts will be collared, golf style with moisture management, easy care, snag resistant, UV protection UPF 40+, and have wicking finish. There is a sizing chart and 2 pictures below for you to see. The cost will be $30 all in. Most shirts will be sent to your District organizers as most have been kind enough to help out with this delivery. So once they are sent out, you make arrangements for pick up of your shirt with your district organizers. Shirt orders will be taken on the formal registration form in December/January.

Canada Games Shirt Size chart 2019

Canada Games 2019 Shirts

Formal Registration Forms will be available in December/January so please stay tuned to this web page, or your emails!

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