2020 Ontario 55+ Summer Games

LOCATION - Peterborough, ON

Qualifying for Provincial Games

Peterborough 2020

The Gold Medalist(s) from local District Games are invited to compete in the Provincial Games
  • District qualifications are generally held during the Summer & Winter Games in the year leading up to the Provincial Games
    I.e. Summer 2019/2020 & Winter 2019/2020 Games for Peterborough 2020
  • Some Districts hold events during different times of the year and some sports have longer qualification timelines, so it is best to consult with your local District for more accurate information. Find your local District here or if you need help identifying which District you are in please contact the office info@osga55plus.ca
If the Gold Medalist(s) from District Games decline to participate in the Provincial Games then the offer(s) will continue down through the standings until someone accepts the invitation or all are declined.
  • Participants must represent the District in which they participated in and qualified with during the District Games
  • Participants may only enter one event/category at the Ontario 55+ Games
The provincial body has set a number of CAPS per each sport, which these invitation rounds aim to fill. If CAPS are not reached during the above process then the registration opens up to all OSGA Members who wish to participate.
  • Each sport has a different number of CAPS and fill up at different rates
  • Annual OSGA 55+ membership is required for participation
    •    Participants must be 55+ by midnight December 31st in the year of competition