Upcoming Events

Wed May 6th
YMCA of Central East Ontario City of Quinte West Branch

Sample Scoresheets

Most files are in WORD format

Tournament Chart - Round Robin format - to use for any Round Robin style tournament 

Card Games Bowling Type Events Individual Events Team Events

Bid Euchre (Progressive) - individual

Bid Euchre (Progressive) - game

5 Pin Bowling 

Cycling - Prediction Sheet

Cycling - Result Sheet


Cribbage - team

Cribbage - game

10 Pin Bowling

Nordic Skiing - Prediction Sheet

Nordic Skiing - Result Sheet


Euchre (Progressive) - individual

Euchre (Progressive) - game


Bocce - game


Skating - Prediction Sheet

Skating - Result Sheet 


Darts - game


Tournament Result Sheet for Bid Euchre and Euchre ( WORD format)

Carpet Bowling

Carpet Bowling - game 

Swim - Prediction Sheet

Swim - Result Sheet for Prediction

Swim - Result Sheet for Overall Event 

Pickleball - RR - 1 game 

Pickleball - RR - 2 games

Pickleball - Playoffs - 2 out of 3 


Walk - Prediction Sheet

Walk - Result Sheet