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Fri September 6th
Buckwallow - Gravenhurst
Mon September 23rd
Best Western Plus Toronto Airport in the Sunset Hall


The OSGA has information and many resources available to District Committees and Participants.

​​The following are available for download.



Several of the downloads require Adobe Acrobat Reader.


 BYLAWS (English) -- Updated September 17, 2018

BYLAWS (French) -- Updated March 26, 2019


General Members - Click Here
Accident and Injury - Click Here
Code of Conduct - Click Here
Protest Procedures - Click Here
Alcohol-Drug-Smoking - Click Here
Board of Directors Election Process - Click Here
Concussion - Click Here
Conflict of Interest - Click Here
Financial - Click Here
Harassment - Click Here
Inclusion - Click Here
Risk Management - Click Here
Districts - Click Here
Regions - Click Here


Bob Secord Award - Click Here

Ontario 55+ Games Policies --> UNDER REVIEW

Alcohol and Smoking Policy (Jan/16)
Cap Policy - 55+ Games (Jan/16)
Event Viability - 55+ Games Policy (Jan/16)
Refund Policy (Jan/16)
Sport Selection - 55+ Games Policy (Jan/16)
Policy G-012 Approved Events (June 16)
Policy G-017 Event Viability (June 16) 
Policy G-020 Rules & Format Changes (June 16)



Technical Resources

Several of the downloads require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Participant Eligibility

1. To be eligible to participate in OSGA 55+ events you must be a resident of Ontario, a current member of the organization (April 1st to March 31st) and must be of age (55+, 65+, 75+, etc.) or older by midnight December 31st in the year of competition.

2. Participants must limit their competition to one District (based on their residency called their “Home
District”) for each set of Games (summer or winter) with the exception is participants may register in a
District that borders your “Home District” to play with a partner/team and/or event(s) availability.  Districts accepting participants from outside their District must confirm with the participants “Home District” they are eligible.

3. Participants may only represent the District in which they participated in and qualified for to compete at the Regional and/or Ontario 55+ Games with priority to be given to the winners of your District Games in order of how they finish based on their desire to move on to the next level.

4. Participants may enter more than one event/category at the District level at the discretion of the District Committee.

5. Participants may only enter one event/category at the Regional and/or Ontario 55+ Games.


For all sport/event rules - Click Here



Regional Games Manual - Click Here
To assist organizing committees with planning and implementation of Regional 55+ Games (December 2017)

Schedule Samples

Round Robin Scheduling Information
Tournament Schedules ( 3-12 players/teams)
Playoff Formats (3-8 players/teams)


Scoresheet Samples (Click Here)

These samples are included here as a resource for Districts to use if they wish.

The OSGA welcomes any other examples that District have found to be useful.

Please forward a copy to info@osga55plus.ca


Several of the downloads require Adobe Acrobat Reader.



District Events Report 

District Financial Report 

District Contact Information

Event Incident Form 

District Display Board Rental Form

Equipment Rental Form

Training Modules and Info Sessions Support Request Form

Governance Forms

Bylaws Proposed Amendment Form

Bob Secord Nomination Form

Sport-Event Selection (Oct 14)

Rules and Format Changes  (Oct 14)


District Games Registration Form Template
~ English Version - Click Here
~ French Version - Click Here

Waiver Forms & Assumption of Risk Forms
~ Participant (English) - Click Here
~ Participant (French) - Click Here
~ Volunteers 18+ (English) - Click Here
~ Volunteers 18+ (French) - Click Here
~ Volunteers U17 (English) - Click Here
~ Volunteers U17 (French) - Click Here


OSGA Advertising Opportunities
~ Banner Ads, Eblasts, etc.

For more details - Click Here


Promotional Items

Several of the downloads require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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OSGA 55+ logo - official English
OSGA 55+ logo - official French

OSGA 55+ logo - This Is Our Time English
OSGA 55+ logo - C`est Notre Temps French

Contact the office if you need a copy of the logos.

Available in jpg, gif and eps format.

​Customized District and Regional logos available


These posters are printer-ready.

District information can be added after printing.

OSGA Poster 8.5 x 11 - ENGLISH NEW - PDF

OSGA Poster 8.5 x 11 - FRENCH - PDF

OSGA Poster 11 x 17 - ENGLISH - PDF 

OSGA Poster 11 x 17 - FRENCH - PDF


The following versions of the posters are in WORD.
They can be customized before printing.

OSGA Poster 8.5 x 11 - ENGLISH - WORD

OSGA Poster 8.5 x 11- FRENCH - WORD 

OSGA Poster 11 x 17 - ENGLISH - WORD 

OSGA Poster 11 x 17 - FRENCH - WORD